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Connecting: Schools, Parents and Community


Ozark Public Schools

“Hosting and building a website is easy. However, keeping your websites updated and meaningful to the community is the key to success.

We made the switch to Gabbart due to their ease of updating, delegation of content, and great support. What at one time fell on just one person,

now is continuously being updated from throughout the school district. Google Apps integration allows teachers who utilize their individual sites to

ogin easily without adding an additional username and password to remember. That in addition to the fact the Faculty can call support directly almost

any time for help, is why we will continue to use their services at the Ozark Public Schools.”



Paris Indpendent School District

“Prior to partnering with Gabbart Communications, we had great vision for our site but did not have the tools or support necessary to set that vision in motion.

Gabbart provided those tools that allowed us to communicate with students, parents and community through our website. Since partnering with

Gabbart in 2011, we have not looked back; we have only looked forward to the possibilities that this partnership has to offer!”


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